Elevator Services

At Empire Elevators we strive to help you through every step of your modernization and/or new install by providing reliability, efficiency, and safety for all your passengers.

Elevator Maintenance & Repair

With each project comes unique and specific demands. Empire is able to adapt to any environment by using maintenance programs tailored to you. Our programs are designed with quality and safety in mind. Our technicians can seek out any potential problem and perform ongoing repair work and upgrades as needed. We cover items that are a result of normal wear and tear, regular servicing of equipment, and repair or replacement of items covered within your contract.Let Empire help find a plan that works for you, no matter your budget. As we get to know you and your equipment needs, we will build a program that best fits you. With this type of approach we can help you save money and prevent potential lengthy breakdowns. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and avert problems before they occur.If a breakdown should occur, Empire repairs all types of brands and parts no matter the size of the job. Our professional, highly-qualified technicians are here around the clock, providing you with smart solutions and quality customer support not just a callback service, ensuring your equipment operates safely, smoothly and is always reliable.

New Installation

Our team is experienced with the installation and traction of hydraulic elevators and utilizes nonproprietary equipment from top quality manufacturers. We understand the importance of meeting our completion dates as well as working efficiently with your other sub-contractors.

Emergency Service Calls

Our technicians are always in close proximity to you and ready at a moment’s notice. They are able to provide you with quick and attentive care for every possible issue you may face. We are committed to making sure you get quality service when you need it.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrading existing equipment means your systems remain viable and efficient. Modernization ensures safe operation and we are always keen to help you understand the full benefits that come with any modernization program. Some of the benefits of modernizing your equipment are:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Passenger comfort
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safety

From simple upgrades to extensive replacements, Empire has the ability to work with you and give you options to stay within your budget. We advise you of all advantages and availability of equipment changes in the industry. By keeping quality field and management personnel, we are able to ensure all your needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.


Escalators are the focal point of most lobbies and an integral part of flowing traffic through your retail or office space. At Empire we understand that maintenance programs as well as aesthetics are important for the continuous attention escalators require. The sounds they make can be identifiers of potential issue. Routine examinations will prevent unplanned shutdowns and reduce the likelihood of accidents, while our professional team works with your schedule to minimize maintenance visibility. We have many options no matter the request, let Empire help you find the perfect fit for all your escalator needs.

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